Long time since the last update

Been a while, finally had time to do an update. School holidays are hard juggling 2 part time jobs,  and childcare and parent visits and holidays.  No time for hobbies. 

After your return from holidays and not going up for a week after we returned due to a bad cough,  I was disappointed to find all the potato plants had blight or some equally devastating ailment.  I had to dog the whole lot up,  and only got a few meals worth of small potatoes due to them going in late too.  Sorry no photos available. 

I have managed 5 trips down this week.  Have attempted to weeds the last cultivated area

aall the grass is too much to deal with owing to the fact it only got dug once before things were put in else it would have been too late to do anything. 

Most of the rest of the plot is now covered,  some dug over first and some not. The only other little bit I haven’t covered is where I am trying to nurture the brambles for a small bramble patch in the are I am going to use for fruit


At home we have been trying to do a bit more on our wildlife pond.  After our 3 day visit from Mr Frog,  we have  been around all the garden centres and have got a couple of pond plants and some pond snails to help oxygenate and clean the pond.  There are 3 types of critters in there now too,  daphnia,  midge large and something else we are not sure of. 

I Am going to leave the allotment other than watering this week and concentrate on landscaping the garden pond. 
I hope it won’t be as long before the next update. Will leave you with a photos of Mr Frog and the pond so far. 


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