Is it nearly May???

What has happened,  the weather has gone mad!  Very little progress at the allotment site,  3 sides out of 4 fence up now and little other developments,  the greenhouse is fuller than ever,  no more room left.  This morning we have this


My poor salad seedlings in their raised bed.  I think my fleece stuff needs to be raised off the bed with some hoops because Wednesday when I took it off two radish seedlings came with it as they were frozen to it,  yesterday I didn’t remove it until later,  and will have to leave today.

New addition to the garden this week,  Sarah bug hotel which can been seen on the fence to the right of the greenhouse,  hopefully we won’t end up with a wasps nest in it.

Hopefully it will warm up enough to do some repotting in the greenhouse this weekend.

The resident blackbirds have  been a pain this week.  All the bark I put down is all over the place.  I have bought a grass rake so I don’t have to bend down all the time to put it back.  Don’t think topping the bark up has been a good idea.


No gardening for me today.


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